This month we want to introduce you to a natural option for migraine prevention thatís available for the first time in the United States. Itís an herbal extract called MIG-99 and we share information on its well-documented effectiveness and safety. We also look at why migraine sufferers shouldnít use DEET, and telltale signs (including sugar cravings) that show youíre on the road to adrenal burnout from stress.

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MIG-99: The Newest Natural Option for Migraine Prevention

Along with butterbur, the feverfew herb has long been studied as a natural option for reducing migraine attacks. The results from feverfew, however, were not as substantial as those seen with butterbur extract. But feverfew still showed promise. Working with herbs selected for their active ingredients, German scientists were able to create a unique extract called MIG-99ģóan option now available in the United States for the first time.

30% of patients using MIG-99 experienced 50% fewer migraines.
This effectiveness compares to prescription medications.

Is MIG-99 feverfew?
No. MIG-99 is the product of a patented extraction process using parts of the feverfew herb. The extract is different from raw feverfew, with a stable, uniform strength that provides consistent effectiveness.

Is it safe?
MIG-99ģ has been tested in over a dozen research studies conducted by internationally revered neurologists. It was found to have a very favorable risk-to-benefit profile, with few (if any) side effects, and no weight gain or fatigue. It has been used in Europe for years.

No prescription is needed
MIG-99 is a dietary supplement, so you donít need a prescription. However, itís interesting to note that in Europe, where natural supplements are considered part of mainstream medicine, MIG-99 is often recommended by doctors. When taking any supplement, you should always check with your own doctor.

Would you like to try MIG-99?
The Ongoing Relief program lets you sign up to receive MIG-99 on a regular basis at a discount and always with free shipping. Your first shipment includes a free sample. Try the sample and make sure MIG-99 agrees with you before you open the regular boxes. If itís not for you, simply activate the MONEY-BACK REFUND. Learn more about trying MIG-99.

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  • Donít use high-concentration DEET. Instead, apply lower concentrations more often (e.g., use a 30% solution every 3 hours).
  • Consider DEET alternatives: The Australian Army uses icaridin (Picaridin is a brand available at sources like Amazon). Itís odorless and causes fewer skin irritations that DEET and the World Health Organization promotes it as a DEET alternative.
  • Electric fans make it difficult for mosquitoes to fly and they dispel the carbon dioxide trail that leads mosquitoes to us.
  • Stay clean (but not fragrant!) Sweet fragrances and earthy body odor attract mosquitoes.
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Are You on the Road to Stress Burnout?

We all know that stress can trigger migraines. But did you realize that prolonged stress can increase the severity of your attacks? Itís true. Stress can deplete our serotonin levels, creating anxiety and irritability and hypersensitizing your brainís pain circuits so you experience pain more often and more intensely. Left untreated, chronic stress can lead to physical and mental burnout, accompanied by fatigue and nearly constant headaches.

Sometimes, however, you can get so used to feeling stressed that youíre not even aware weíre on the road to stress burnout. Here are telltale signs to watch out for:

  • Weight gain (particularly around your abdomen) even when you eat well and exercise
  • Frequent colds and infections
  • Backaches and body aches
  • Cravings for sweets
Talk with your doctor if you experience these symptoms, especially if the frequency and severity of your migraines seem to be increasing.

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