We’re all about natural migraine prevention. But in this issue, our newsletter looks at two herbal options that can be too natural for your own good. We also look at how common OTC products for migraine pain can cause pneumonia. Plus, we share three cool ways to prevent hot-weather migraines.

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Herbs vs. Extracts: Why Products Can Be TOO Natural

Research shows that both butterbur and feverfew can be helpful. Unfortunately, this leads people to think that any form of butterbur or feverfew will be of value. That’s not true. In fact, teas, capsules and any product that features unprocessed butterbur or feverfew can be of uncertain quality. It can even be downright dangerous. That’s why a little processing can be a very good thing! Let’s take a look:

Petadolex® vs. Butterbur: The “gold standard” for safety
How does butterbur become PA-free? There are several ways to remove the toxins. The patented extraction process used to make Petadolex® is recognized as the “gold standard.” This is why, to date, all significant research on butterbur’s effectiveness for migraine prevention has been conducted exclusively with Petadolex®.

In fact, a major review of the Petadolex® safety profile concluded that no PAs were detected, no hepatitis or other serious liver damage was likely related to Petadolex®, and in the 15 years this butterbur extract has been available in the US, Canada and Japan, zero cases of liver damage have been reported there.

Feverfew vs. MIG-99®: Concentrated benefits
The quality of feverfew plants differs significantly, and so can the strength and purity of unprocessed feverfew. Choosing a product that uses feverfew sourced from certified cultivation areas is a first step. Exposure to even the best feverfew, however, can cause mouth ulcers and skin irritations so an encapsulated product is the safest choice.

Feverfew’s migraine benefits come from compounds concentrated in the flowering parts of the herb. MIG-99 starts with feverfew plants specially selected for the quality of their flowers. A patented process extracts the active ingredients, purifies them and standardizes the strength of each gelcap. The result is no longer feverfew. It’s the unique MIG-99® extract—and it’s more effective than unprocessed feverfew.

Multiple scientific studies show MIG-99® performs better than feverfew in helping reduce the frequency of migraines. You can find more research on MIG-99® at the website:

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3 Cool Ways to Head Off Summer Migraines

The temperature’s rising, the sun’s shining, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s summer migraine season! Keep your cool with these simple but effective prevention strategies.

  1. BYOS: Bring Your Own Shade. Don’t let heat and glare set off a migraine. Wear sunglasses and a visor or hat. If you’re on the beach (or even in a rowboat!), bring the umbrella. Wear light-colored clothes to reflect heat and sun — and try “filtering” fabrics that block harmful UV rays without exposing you to sunblock scents that can also trigger attacks.

  2. Avoid Dry Spells. Thirst + dry air = migraines. Drink plenty of water throughout the day—not just when you’re outside. Watch out for alcohol which can dehydrate you. Bring along a good saline nasal spray and moisturizing eye drops. If you’re attending outdoor events, consider wearing a moist neck cooler or even a cooling vest.

  3. Can the Caffeine. Too much caffeine sets the stage for trouble, and it’s hiding in all kinds of favorite summer foods and drinks. For instance, most orange sodas are caffeine-free. But Sunkist orange soda isn’t. High-test brands of coffee can have over 1,000 mg of caffeine per mug (average coffee has less than 100 mg)! That can turn your iced coffee into a migraine-maker. Even coffee ice cream can pack a wallop: some brands contain as much caffeine in half a cup as you find in a whole can of Coke.

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